Today is super-mullet-link-day! No particular reason, but I found a lovely mulleted Sim skin, and realized that it’s been a while since my last round of mullet-bashing. And there’s no place better than Rate My Mullet, both for shocking photographs of mullets in their native habitats, and silly commentary by random internet jerks. Mullets Galore, alas, is spitting out server errors left and right at the moment. But there’s always the Mullet Dating Service – you dine on mullet roe (not that bona fide mullet-wearers would ever eat caviar), and then go see Mullet, or catch a show by the Virginia-based Mullet, or the British Palmers Mullet. When the night is over, relax to the soothing strains of Wesley Willis and his smash hit, Cut the Mullet.

Then hie thee to the nearest La James College of Cosmetology, and learn to cut thy very own.


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