It seems time for the standard blort on What People Have Said About Me and My Buddy Blog. I requested a review last night from the Weblog Review, and they finished it impressively fast. The verdict: dull layout, dull at first, but the entries grow on you. Entirely accurate, I think, plus it inspired this revolutionary hypothesis: spelling errors irk me in inverse proportion to how much the writer praises and/or agrees with me.

I was so hoping for an irritated, sarcastic review that compares my site to lava lamps or 14 year old anorexic girls. Ah well.

Much more entertaining was Vlad‘s guestbook entry: “I can see the kind of arrogance in your attitude that I have been unsuccessfully trying to get rid of for years.” Blogging, of course, is an inherently arrogant hobby. I’m probably hopeless, and I hope you filthy peons can adequately bask in the paltry glow of my grandeur as-it-stands.

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