Salvaged Item #2: a list

Salvaged Item #2: a list of things that have led me to believe my life is a surrealist novel. Either that, or the beginnings of something by Neal Stephenson, along the lines of Snow Crash – and I don’t think the world knows how to write a decent ending either. This list is only the barest scratching at the surface of this issue, and I’m sure you can all come up with more entries.

  • the prevalence of – I was looking up “postmodernism” in the online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. At the bottom, a little dialog box asked me if I wanted to compare prices on “postmodernism”-related products at
  • Donut Star – a shop in Orange County, California (Orange County!) that serves donuts and americanized chinese food. And nothing else.
  • those little stores tucked inside the skywalks in the Twin Cities – they’ve got a maze of nicely carpeted tunnels connecting large office buildings. The same damn sunglasses shop appears at about 3 junctions in a row, and then you never see it again. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean.
  • Sheboygan, WI – Sheboygan. Tee hee.

This of course is excluding the bizarre and subtle drinking competition between the United States and Japan, wherein each country packages surrealism and exports it to the other, and whoever buys the most takes a shot. Hello Kitty, anyone?

Also, if you’ve got a blog of your own and haven’t registered yourself with either blogdex or disturbing search requests, you should do so immediately. Blogdex is about the best look into creepy blog subculture that I’ve seen, and the other site just makes me want to wash my hands after using the keyboard.

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