Those of you who are

Those of you who are intersexed, trans*, or otherwise in a never-never land of gendered language may skip out on the following exercise. The rest of you must participate, and you must complete it before you read the rest of this entry. I have spies everywhere, I’ll know if you cheat, and cheaters never prosper.

    Now then, describe yourself:

  • male / female
  • girl / boy
  • man / woman
  • lady / gentleman

Which did you pick? Why?
Personally, I’m in the stage of super-extended-angsty-young-adulthood where both “girl” and “woman” make me feel a bit odd. But the real reason I wrote this, the thing that was about to set me off into a silly rant before I got distracted and then thought better of it, is that I’ve been noticing people use “females” in some odd contexts lately. Contexts of gender rather than sex, where I would almost always use “women.” (NB! I’m a hairy legged feminist, and I may be missing a similar “males” phenomenon out of acculturation and laziness.) Seeing someone comment on cultural divides between “men” and “females” especially makes me twitch.

I’m not going to bring out the Feminist Ray Gun just yet, but I am thinking about cleaning it out in preparation for a nice argument with some poor sot. I haven’t had one of those in a while.

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