good morning.

Well, yes, hello. My stomach’s in a bit of a knot right now, but otherwise things are usual and I’m taking my shock and bewilderment in small doses, separated by me very intensely doing mundane things like talking back to the news and thinking about laundry, and sad in the background.

Grief is funny. I’ve been lucky, and haven’t experienced very much of it at all in my life, and can’t recognize the patterns of my own mind slowly filling in the void. Today I’m able to think in complete sentences again, with capital letters, with semicolons and finely tuned shades of em-dash and en-dash being appropriate indicators of my baffled pauses. Yesterday I felt like some damn avant garde poet, wanting to spread words all over the page like fingerpaint, because none of them were connected to the others and yet they all were.

Yeah. Anyway. If you’re sick of wallowing in my angst, try this. You’ll like it. Also, have some fun with the blog twinning project, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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