My four-day weekend has returned! I thought it was gone, sacrificed to some nebulous concept of “geodynamics lecture” but today it came back in full force – we moved class to Tuesdays. Hello, £9 flights to London. This is good.

On the other hand, during coffee break the professor figured out that Jane and I were from Caltech, and for some reason thought this meant he should look at us whenever he said the word “easy”. This is bad – I very nearly burst out laughing, for one thing. This is my first real run-in with the fearsome teeth of Tech’s academic reputation, and no one ever told me that it would be embarassing to come from a Prestigious School. Maybe it would have been better if I’d had more sleep and less caffeine beforehand.

Of course I haven’t been getting much sleep lately: recent events have transformed the highly anticipated period of falling asleep – which takes me at least a half hour most nights and is usually a time of fuzzy daydreams – into a much less happy time of melancholy reflection. So I’ve been staying up late doodling around. I’d almost forgotten what it feels like when I’m sleep deprived – I’m zanier, more outgoing, more likely to make cheeky remarks and also more likely to laugh at them even if they’re not funny. I’m a bit stupider generally, and I think my ability to think social-type thoughts and write them down properly takes a particularly hard knocking, but at the same time my internal censors go on a bit of a vacation and I write more things down. By sheer chance, some of them always remain interesting in the light of day. Meanwhile, running around on three hours of sleep and a bottle of cola, I feel much more like myself and also completely invincible.

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