A commercial for credit suisse

A commercial for credit suisse is backed by an aria from La Wally – yes, the one from Diva. Every time it comes on, I’m suddenly amazed and discombobulated by the fact that my life isn’t shot in blue filter. In fact, other than the occasional correction for polarized light glaring off a sheet of water, I’m not certain that my life is shot through any kind of filter at all, and this is a bit disappointing. I’ve always wanted to be one of those sexy films with innovative art direction – I mean, doesn’t everyone? – but I might have to settle for a light-hearted docudrama. As long as the movie of my life doesn’t turn out to be a dogme film, I’ll be fine.

*stifles a bad joke on the Vow of Chastity*

Hoo, yeah. My next blogging, I think, should be by request. O loyal readers, give me a topic! I am prepared to fill out one of those silly personal data emails, or ramble at length about Being an Agnostic, or to say something almost witty (but not quite) about sheep, or to come up with something completely different just because you say so. It’s a rare occasion when I care this much, and am also this bored… take ruthless advantage while you can!

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