More fun with referral logs

I have a semi-regular visitor whose computer operates on UTC +5:00, the time zone of somewhere in the middle of Russia, who arrives via Peter’s page, and runs Win98. Who are you? Do we know each other?

One person came here via this list [broken link removed] of blogs by Danes and/or people who happen to be living in Denmark. It’s a small list, but then, it’s also a small country. We’ll see who among these ends up joining the nascent Copenhagen Bloggers Coffee and Beer Conspiracy…

Last but not least, there’s someone in Belgium who’s been fruitlessly searching for jerkoff material featuring boys in white socks, and keeps running into my archives. This is why I love to make gratuitous use of the word fetish on a regular basis – it gives me such a nice look at the endless variety of human sexuality. Fetish, fetish, who else has a fetish?

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