stop de kriminelle udlændinge

Oh, wait, now I remember! It’s election season here in Denmark, and the campaign posters have just sprouted like mushrooms after a good rain. Some of them even sprouted in my mailbox, apparently ignorant of the fact that a temporary residence permit does not a voter make. One of them, put out by the Venstre (“venstre” means “left” but the party is actually on the moderately conservative side of Danish politics, if you really want leftists here you’re better off with one of several variants on the democratic socialists) bears the headline “STOP CRIMINAL FOREIGNERS.” As far as I can translate without going to fetch my dictionary, the rest of the text is something along these lines:

Denmark shall not give statsborgerskab or asylum to criminal foreigners. [three lines of gibberish] … because they can not find work. It is spild (a waste?) of samfundets resources. We can do better than that.

Standard polemic, certainly nothing I haven’t seen in the States (remember Pete Wilson? everybody loves Pete Wilson) but it does make me giggle with irony. I’m not much of a criminal of course, but one good illness in the next two months and I’ll be a pretty reasonable approximation of a freeloading degenerate sucking off the cream of the Danish welfare state – yeah!
I can’t wait until the flyers from the Danish People’s Party come out, I’m sure they’ll be at least three times as much fun.


  1. Scandinavian-American wrote:

    It’s about time that Europeans and people of European ancestry assert their right to secure the existence of their cultures and a future for their children.

  2. yami wrote:

    Really? Last time I checked it was only a hair past a freckle. I think we both need new watches.

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