two meme things

All right, the kidz on my floor are having a loud party that I don’t want to join, there’s no sense in me going to bed just yet, so I’ll play copycat. But I’m only going to do the ones that weren’t on the original, but were on various copies (these things spread quickly – it’s kind of disturbing), plus one I’ll make up for myself. And only two things for each, because I’m lazy that way.

    two books you reread in times of stress

  • the Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy
  • random Mercedes Lackey – hooray for pms!
    two words you have written but never spoken

  • apophatic
  • hierophant
    two things on your lifetime to-do list

  • teach
  • become King of Iowa
    two stupid things you’ve eaten on a sandwich

  • bread – the fridge was almost empty, so I had bread-butter-bread-mayo-bread.
  • pineapple

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