sinful blogging

Okay, it seems to be well established that these throwaway survey-meme-whatsits are a bit of a guilty blog pleasure… but of course they can’t be alone in the category. I’d also throw in the discussion of emode-style tests, all those posts that manage to find new and clever ways to describe how very bored you are, inspired drafts of prose poems, and of course telling last night’s dream. What other fluffy blogging traps do you just loove to jump into? And which is absolutely the guiltiest of all your guilty pleasures?

    My top three go roughly as follows:

  1. trying to imitate rabi’s idiom — am I really too stubborn to acknowlegde my influences? It feels like trying to be what I’m not.
  2. loading entries with words I think will generate funny search engine hits — naked naked naked!
  3. meta-commentary and the use of blogworld (as opposed to mainstream internetworld) themes — will the vicious cycle of deconstruction ever end? and what about that girl on the bicycle?

Ahh, sweet indulgence. This more than makes up for the absence of KinderEggs on today’s Netto expedition. Hi-ho, Silver!

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