solen skinner så meget

I walked out of class today and there was this bright yellow thing hanging low in the southern sky, which was inexplicably saturated with blue and there was no water coming out of it either. At first I thought I had woken up in California and this had all been a dream, but then I thought I’d better take advantage of the afternoon and grab some pictures of the little mermaid for my mother. Mom wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up.

Shockingly, I had never walked down the Langelinie quai before. Since my expectations had been lowered so much by a constant background murmur of “really little” “ugly industrial harbor backdrop”, etc, I was pleasantly surprised – but that’s really because I like industrial settings, especially when they involve rows of windmills, and also because I had walked all the way there and still not gotten rained on. What all the disdainful tour guides forgot to tell you, though, is that even though it really is worth grabbing a quick snapshot of the Lille Havfrue to take back to your mother, if you don’t do so on a summer evening the statue’ll be rather horribly backlit and your shoddy focus-free camera will make a hack job of it. But I think some of my random street scenes should turn out rather well. This afternoon’s roll of film will be a test of my shoddy-camera photographic techniques; we’ll see what happens.

And I hope I made lots of Vitamin D – I doubt there’ll be much more where that came from.

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