joining my drunk…

… will be a few Danish commiserators. You see, last year when it became clear that Bush was ultimately going to slip into the White House, I vowed to spend these four years totally piss drunk. Crap political news is much easier to handle that way, I think, and now that the paranoid loonies are effectively* part of Denmark’s new governing coalition, there’s going to be an extra daily dose of crap political news coming from Christiansborg. I found myself dispensing sage advice throughout the day: the first few months are the worst, then you learn to take comfort in satire.

Now, I’m completely baffled and a little bit frightened by all the anti-immigration rhetoric leading up to this election. I mean, by reasonable Angelino standards, there are practically no immigrants here at all, so what’s all the fuss about? Copenhagen could use some more ethnic food. Plus I think Pia Kjærsgaard looks like Cruella de Ville. But after putting up with countless snide remarks about the cowboy in Washington, I have to say, I’m feeling a touch smug here. At least now I’m not the only one wandering around feeling responsible for alien viewpoints.

The BBC also has a few things to say on the matter.

*They won’t have any cabinet seats, but they will form part of a majority bloc in parliament.
**Incidentally, a google search for ‘Pia Kjaersgaard nude photos’ doesn’t turn up anything interesting

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