Yes. My internal calendar has finally come in line with the Danish holiday system. Now it is acceptable to see Christmas decorations everywhere, and make greedy little lists of things I want to own, and drink egg nog or gløgg or cinnamon schnapps – but not Gammel Dansk, blech.

And speaking of greedy little lists, I made one. Not that I expect any of you to care, unless you’re my Secret Santa. I’m such a sucker for gimmicks, and this is such a fun gimmick.

Rantlet: I thought it would be a good idea to fill my wish list with feminist theory, because I haven’t been getting enough of that lately and it’s good stuff. So I saw the link to the “women’s fiction” section and clicked on it… yes, I should have known better, but god damnit what’s wrong with just calling ’em romance novels? Sure, they may be targeted at hormone-sopped women of all ages, but I heartily resent the implication that such a literary ghetto is *exclusively associated* with women.

A train of thought that’s doomed to derail: sci-fi and romance are both off in the far backwaters of literary hoohah. Sci-fi has been traditionally associated with lonely young men, whearas romance is associated with lonely older women. How has this gender association shaped the evolution of the two genres, particularly with respect to their reputation in the mainstream?

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