I’ll take your course schedule and…

… *!#%/!”!#%!!!!!! ? !#&#””” %#%!! +@{[]# $ @!

I have much love for the Caltech Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences. Really. No, really, I do, they’ve given me lots of free food in the past and will probably be giving me lots of free food in the future, so I’m not going to bite the hand that feeds me. But they just took away all my classes. They merged Inverse Methods* with another, much nastier data analysis course, made it two terms long and added prerequesites that I won’t have until next year. They completely obliterated Elementary Seismology. They made two terms of continuum mechanics a prerequisite for Physics of the Earth’s Interior – this was my advisor’s fault, he’ll be getting an earful when I get back. In fact, they completely obliterated almost all of the useful undergraduate geophysics courses. I have to fulfill an “option electives” requirement, which last year meant I should pick four courses from a list of seven. This year, I get to pick four courses from a list of five (why is Crustal Geophysics no longer considered worthy?), and there’s no way in hell I’m putting myself through two extra terms of continuum mechanics, I might be nuts but I’m not fuckin’ suicidal here, there’s still that horrible horrible physics course to think of.

I can still graduate on time, I suppose, but next fall is going to be hell-on-wheels. Why didn’t they warn me about this before I signed up to leave the country?


Okay. Thanks. I’ll try and be less ranty next time.

*You see, I was going to take this class next term, and thereby give myself some room to breathe next year when I have to make up for time wasted in Denmark. Fuck.
**Ironically enough, this is what I really want to study, not all this seismic risk assessment crap – guess it’ll have to wait until grad school

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