Warning: this entry contains medium-strength metababble.

I’ve just noticed that someone in Google-land has given this site a description: A college student records his ramblings, thought experiments, and poetry. College student? Sure. Ramblings? Oh my yes. Gedankenexperiments? I’m flattered at the notion. Poetry? Poetry? I inflict many things upon you innocent readers, but as far as I can remember I’ve never been so cruel as to blog my own poetry. And I’ve certainly never been male, except in a couple of dreams, which I haven’t blogged either.

Which leaves me wondering at the impression people get when they first visit this page, how I’m slotted in to various neat little systems of stereotypes, and whether that has any meaning when related back to piteous blogland metacommentary or society as a whole. There’s no time for me to speculate now, as the computers are in demand today and I really should get back to reading about heat flow and crustal stresses within the New Madrid Seismic Zone, but if you’re new here you are warmly invited to make wild and unfounded generalizations about my personal habits and hygiene in the comments box.

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