fra natbussen

The first time I ever stayed up all night, I was like 13 or 14 or 12 or something. Maybe you can pin the time period down a little more precisely if I tell you that the driving forces behind this grand success were Sim City 2000 and the soothing rays from the monitor of my cousins’ Mac. It was the “Christmas in July” family reunion event, and my aunt was sort of blearily surprised to find me conscious when she got up to make the morning coffee.

Ever since, I’ve felt an occasional compulsion to just do something, anything, that soaks up my extra mind-juice until the sun comes up or I collapse, whichever comes last. If I don’t have schoolwork, I’ll redesign my web site or play endless dumb games or read fine trashy literature, or I’ll sit around drinking and snakking with people until I’ve missed the last night bus and have to walk most of the way home. But, nothing happened last night, and even if it did I wouldn’t tell you about it. Yeah.

Of course, I’ve realized that there are several things I like to have at the end of any proper non-scholastic all nighter: coffee with a morning person, sunrise at a reasonable hour, the chance to go to bed once the sun is fully up and sleep as long as I want. Even though I had none of these things this morning, I did get to see the first morning busses and the waking of Amager, and that was worth something.

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