tuna fish sculpture

Point #1: I tried to edit the comments file from two posts back and I seem to have broken it. So if you have anything to say about the Episcopal church, perhaps you can say it here, while I try to work out where this file handle resource has got to.

Point #2: In the middle of the afternoons, during my favorite snack time, BBC Prime puts on a fun show which they call Ready Steady Cook, which is not at all like Iron Chef but is still a cooking game show. The premise is that each contestant brings in a few random groceries, and then together with a professional game show chef they make food out of it. I’m going to be playing that game in the next 10 days, trying to clean the oddments from my cupboard. In case any of you think you’re professional game show chefs, here are my random groceries:

  • a large (very large) can of tuna
  • half a bag of hazelnuts
  • most of a sack of sugar
  • a sack and a half of corn meal, and a little bit of normal wheat flour
  • a bag of dried apricots
  • cocoa powder
  • two tupperwares of frozen turkey stock
  • three cheap sausages
  • ketchup
  • marshmellows
  • remoulade
  • half a jar of sweet’n’sour sauce
  • a bag of coffee, and a small container of kaffefløde
  • six or seven tea bags
  • most of a bag of red beans

The trick is to eat as healthfully as possible, while buying as little as possible and using up everything. HELP!!

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