filthy bloggish slime

Yeah, I realize I’m far too cool for meta-blogland-games, but I’ve been playing with the social network explorer and, well, yeah. I’ve been led around in circles through the recommended links, which always seem to end here for some reason, and always seem to include at least one Scandinavian blog. In fact, the only foreign languages I randomly stumbled on were Danish and Norwegian, which is mildly disturbing. Not as disturbing as the fact that visitors to this site are guided to some 15 year old girl having hysterics over her dead cat, but still disturbing. I’m quite looking forward to the full working version of the thing, so I can be even more disturbed than I already am.

Addendum: how many people are sitting out there, writing blogs in some obscure language that almost nobody can read? After seeing how certain Danes can be convinced to switch into English, and spending all of two elitist seconds thinking about narcissism and the audience available to an English writer vs. someone writing in, say, Basque, I’m curious. I’ll take Danish as the dividing line between “obscure” and “common” languages – so do you know of any blogs written in a language with less than 5 million speakers? They could make for some fun reading, in that “hey, what a funny combination of letters they’ve got there!” sort of way.

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