Waste of My Time

First there was Word Dissociation; now, there’s Googlewhacking. I’m not sure which is more fun yet, but googlewhacking seems to have more friendly competition going for it.

Both of them have a certain poignant, mayfly beauty – I’m not about to protect the sanctity of my results by refusing to share them on a google-indexed page. I work towards some future world where this game is impossible to play. The score is the product of the number of hits produced by each word alone.

  • crapulent x cello = 586 x 648,000 = 321,128,000. This guy looks like Alex from Blur! He needs a new design, but he’s pretty funny. I’m sad that this merely a page of writing and not a blog with regular updates.
  • soluble x crumhorn = 661,000 x 3,590 = 2,372,990,000. Mailing list archive. Puha.
  • etherealness x dulcimer = 1,550 x 108,000 = 167,400,000. Some rtf file I can’t view without crashing this gimpy lab computer, so I won’t link it.
  • ileostomy x cannibal = 20,900 x 224,000 = 4,681,600,000. Oh dear lord.
  • mesospheric x pussy = 5,370 x 22,600,000 =121,362,000,000. My morals are disintegrating – not as though I had many to begin with – but I’m so freaking close to surpassing the 151,000,000,000 mark set by “linux anemonefish.” Can you tell how much I don’t want to be working right now? The link is to a record catalog.

My theory is that “sex” could be my only real shot at surpassing “linux anemonefish” and pals, and attaining true googlewhack stardom. So far, “sex puggry” has come closest, with only 3 hits. So close, yet so far.


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