I Heart Time Cube

Just in case you hadn’t heard, Gene Ray the Time Cube guy gave a bit of a talk at MIT. What with the mad-crazy networking in the scientific community and pseudo-greek organizations of the privileged and all that, I got a summary of the event fresh in my email. Here are excerpts, rearranged a bit for editorial convenience:

I was kind of worried about the kind of reception Gene Ray would be given at MIT, since Time Cube is banned Forbidden Truth, and no university physicist would dare to support the Harmonic Time Cube Creation Principle for fear of attack by the religious zealots who staff and control academic institutions. Fortunately though, no zealot faculty members attended, probably out of fear that they would be exposed as frauds by Mr. Ray. The crowd of roughly 300 students was extremely warm and receptive to Mr. Ray; some students brought signs saying “Cubism NOT Facism” and “Gene Ray for President” Students who heckled Mr. Ray were loudly jeered. That’s not to say that intelligent questions and challenges weren’t cheered; this was, after all, an open intellectual debate. But I was happy to see that Mr. Ray was shown the proper respect, and that the crowd was not made up of ignorant people educated stupid and unable to open their minds to Time Cube.

I’ve got to say, Gene Ray is pretty convincing in person. He gave me a lot to think about …

When asked “What is 9 x 6” by a student, Mr. Ray looked puzzled for a moment, and then said “It’s false man-made math!” Fuckin’ A. He also pointed out that when you
say 16, you don’t really mean 16, you mean four fours. 16 is just a cubeless word that we use. I felt like I needed to know more, so I asked Mr. Ray whether, according to Time Cube theory, 4 was the ONLY number; He explained that in nature, you can only divide the sphere into four, not infinity, not into 3 or 5, only 4, and that yes, all odd numbers were false, man made fabrications.

When asked how he could possibly conceive of and understand the timecube, and how he could describe it with evil cubeless word, Gene gave the only answer that could really make sense:

“I’m not a human.”

He may not be human, but Mr. Ray is still a lovable guy. Not to mention The Greatest Thinker, and above God.

You should definitely invite him to come to Caltech; MIT may have been the first Academic Institution to open it’s doors to Mr. Ray and a Cubic perspective, but it shouldn’t (it WON’T) be the last.

Thanks, fawnings, infinite love and envy to Miles of Dabnicorp Boston.


  1. Harry wrote:

    Ummmm, no
    Why fix something that doesnt need to be fixed or changed for that matter.
    How can you not be human if you appear human and is defined human via dichotomas key. Stop making wild claims and just try to support your evidence a little better than just offending people

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