drool… bid… drool

This weekend I’ve diverted all my wit into simple declarative statements uttered at random or scrawled on the bathroom wall (“The KGB is a subsidiary of Canada”) and have none left for blogging. Not sure why. Have some links.

  • Envisioning a society embodying a wide diversity of values, where everyone can live comfortably at peace (what Omron calls the Optimization Society), Omron sees the importance in the realization of a machine that can communicate with humans and understand them. A machine that is gentle to humans and responds appropriately to an individual’s needs. Natural communication between humans and machines is made possible with the cat type communication robot NeCoRo.
  • As blood-bought children of God, we exercise our authority over the devil in Jesus’ name. By that authority, and through His Blessed Name, we command all satanic and demonic forces to cease their activities and depart the town of Inglis.
  • And speaking of blood, and extravagance, why not purchase some expensive cloth to bleed on? It’s environmentally sound, pays for itself in just a few months, and comes in pro-pussy leopard print. I’m not sure if I buy into the “menstrual struggle” rhetoric of the site, but I’m definitely buying into the product itself. Hot damn.
  • Compressing your Datamachine, step 9: Bang at the new shell you made, this is very, very important to make it fit. Avoid sharp edges, we don’t want to mess with that asian Feng-Sju, I know it has great influence on how a datamachine conducts!

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    […] a moment to plug the concept of reusable cloth maxipads. I got a bit hot and bothered over the idea back in February, and wound up ordering a set from Many […]

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