Time for Time Cube

More fantastical Gene Ray paraphenalia: Very silly tricksters at screaming midget inviting him to give a lecture. It gets sillier towards the bottom – scroll down.

5:00pm: Opening remarks.
5:15pm: Children’s choir sings Time Cube medley.
5:30pm: Native drummers.
5:45pm: Interpretive dance entitled “Time Cube”.
6:00pm: Human offering to Nuh’ut’qu’avut.
6:30pm: Pie eating contest.
7:00pm: Introductions.


  1. Clay Bueller wrote:

    Dude that is the funniest thing I have ever read!!!! OMG LOL ROTFLMAO!

  2. Robert Barnes wrote:

    Anybody could had come up with this lie, that doesn’t have ANYTHING BETTER TO DO with their time,besides sitting around pondering the mind of the devil.Anyway,..what’s your point,…you going to take Jesus Christs’ place and get glory and honor for saving the human race or something,…just what is your point.Feed some body that is hungry.

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