snide wastes of time

For my own reference, a nascent techer-blog. There are many, many things at this school to be angry at, and of all of them, he’s picked the humanities requirement. Someday, maybe he’ll learn.

Computer lab inertia dictates that I waste the 45 minutes between now and supper doing something completely ridiculous and non-useful. This looks like a fun one – the idea is to visit a few random blogs and write something honest – nah, snide – about most of them. I like snide.

  • declarative – telling, not showing.
  • pastel – whoa. tiny purple writing on a cyan background.
  • intense – “Five thousand word philosophical dissertations in blogs bore the shit out of me.” Right on.
  • accursed creamsicle – kinky sex, or innocent anime fan? You decide.
  • yeah – She’s got one of those godawful pages that use a frameset with one invisible frame, just so’s the domain name can remain in the url. Grr. So pointless, and so rude when you forget to point your links back to the top frame.

Yes. I definitely like snide. It’s put me in the perfect mood for high-quality dorm food products. Corn starch, brown sauce and sludgy tofu, here I come!


  1. Jaemie wrote:

    Thanks for reminding me. I forgot to put in the “break-frames” code. I hate that, too.

  2. Jaemie wrote:

    All fixed now I believe. Somehow I always manage to forget to include that code when I switch layouts.

  3. yami wrote:


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