god dammit

This is strike one against effectivehost – though the order form confirmation heyhey claimed account setup would take somewhere on the short side of 24 hours, it’s been well over 50 and I haven’t heard a solitary peep. For $2/month I don’t expect much, really, but some kind of automated response would be nice. Or a short “hey, we’re swamped right now, things are taking longer than usual” in response to my early-stage-host-deprivation email inquiry. Any acknowledgement at all that I exist and want to be a customer, and I’d be happy.

Maybe it’s time to move up to $3/month… I’ve been playing with a mockup (originally based on one of firda’s templates, though I wound up rewriting all of the code) and I’m gettin’ kinda antsy about having a place to install it. Flaky hosting is no good at all.


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