rocks and a promise

I first thought to make entry categories after rocks and minerals, in keeping with the general geogeek tone. Then I thought that was silly and confusing. Now I think I like it again, but I could use some suggestions.

    So far (and these are all real rocks/minerals):

  • hornblende – band/music stuff
  • gneiss – links that are charming and don’t make me angry or frightened
  • apatite – food and beverages
  • garnet! – mild-mannered griping
  • analbite – not-so-mild-mannered griping
  • staurolite – astronomy and celebrity gossip
  • adularia – fan letters, warm fuzzies
  • andalusite – if you haven’t seen Un Chien Andalou, you really should. then you would understand why this category is for dreams.
  • geode – honest-to-god geogeeky stuff
  • angelite – random acts of charity
  • banalsite – what i had for breakfast and other matters of pressing importance
  • blende – miscellaneous
  • blue vitriol – rants that I probably won’t care about in the morning
  • blushing copper – the ones where i talk about my nipples
  • brimstone – religion
  • calamine – silly tests, the Friday Five and other itches you’ve just gotta scratch
  • campylite – i love kitsch!
  • coprolite – pure shite
  • hiddenite – entries you’re not allowed to see
  • jargon – the overly technical
  • mimetite – street performance art
  • perlite – CGI scripts, or programming/design issues generally
  • sardonyx – heaps of scorn and mockery
  • serpentine – snakes and other twisty things
  • specularite – wild guesses
  • tripolite – issues of etiquette
  • tuff – what does not kill me will make me stronger
  • ultralite – super-duper fluffy posts, and pedal-powered airplanes
  • till – agriculture

…and of course I’ve got waay too many categories, some content overlap, and a few that are just there for sake of the pun. Pretty please, email me your favorite 5-10? Or any other categories that need rock names, or rock names that need categories, or just a big ol’ ball of derision if you think this idea is silly.


  1. Heather wrote:

    thank you!

  2. Mike Rephone wrote:

    This page sucks you little boring geek get A HAIRCUT and a LIFE

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