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Shake it baby!

Sorry, but the party was this weekend. You missed all my shaking… if you want me to shake something for you, might I suggest that you come down to Los Angeles and buy me a box of shake’n’bake and some chicken breasts? I’ll make you dinner.

ye’ve swiped me box! Aargh! -G

This is true. The concept of the sayit box came from one Dr. Graham Leuschke, who has temporarily suspended his very fine blog. Alas, I have not yet managed to swipe his lucky charms, his crunch berries, or his credit card.

I promise, this sort of nonsensical call-and-response won’t displace any of the usual whining angst or random things about socks that you’ve grown to know and love – or not for very long anyway. I’m still a wee bit infatuated. The novelty should wear off soon. Or else it’ll spread like foot fungus, turning the blog into a spongiform advice column for the perpetually distracted.


  1. G wrote:

    “spongiform advice column for the perpetually distracted.” Best description yet of Plurp.

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