Someone Tries to Distract Me

Oooh, look over there! It’s a fair-haired Elf wearing nothing but fishnet
stockings and a rugby-shirt!

Nice try. I’m not falling for that one ag… fishnets???
*swivels neck*
*is totally distracted and open to all sorts of pranks*

Tinka, it’s a good thing you’re in Denmark or I’d have to un-short-sheet my bed tonight, I’m sure.

is it safe, or is it Memorex?

No, it’s not.

what colour is your mousepad?

Blue, with a clear space in the middle for me to insert my favorite 4×6 photograph. Not like you can even see it beneath the pile of miscellaneous papers, cough drops, spoons, broken network cards, cables, candy wrappers, and goo on my desk.


  1. vladster wrote:

    ah, add dead flowers, condom wraps, cellphone bills and computer-loan papers to that.

  2. yami wrote:

    I would, but then it’d all collapse and I’d have to find a new desk not to mention clean up.

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