Someone’s Scripting

Haha! I made the script work! Notice how the sayit box features a new and different incoherent text each time you reload the page. It’s about twelve lines of perl which I can post if anybody happens to be interested in that sort of thing.

theeeemon, hekourd pofffe imm McMOOTS!

(!STOOMcM mmi efffop druokeh ,nomeeeeht)

The next five entries in the sayit box, no matter how awful, will be added to the database. Go!


  1. francis s. wrote:

    It’s hard to think up something awful on command like that.
    I’d quote something from a Victorian hymn with bad music and worse theological underpinnings, but I can’t think of anything.

  2. francis s. wrote:

    Okay, I did it, and it was stupid.
    I hope you’re happy now, missy.

  3. yami wrote:

    I am, I am!

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