Someone Says it Again

Now that y’all have filled my quota of nonsensical script-data, I can go back to the usual way of dealing with these things.

Uh… are you there God, it’s me Margaret?

hmm… probably not. I’ve already explained my atheism/agnosticism, haven’t I? Though I guess that was back on my late f2s account – any new visitors will just have to extrapolate.

It was a decent book, though, even if I never could understand why a girl would want her period.

isn’t realism by definition more sensible than optimism?

Depends on how you define “sensible”, doesn’t it?

Finally, a gratuitous monkey link.

Prof Ervin said: “The parallels between the vervets’ behaviour and human behaviour are striking. A cageful of drunken monkeys is like a cocktail party. You have one who gets aggressive, one who gets sexy, one who thinks everything’s funny and one who gets really grumpy.


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