New Toy!

My new toy arrived today. Obviously, now that I’m the owner of a digital camera and a blog, I must also be the owner of a photoblog. It’s ugly with the default templates, and there are archive problems… but it’s now the ass-crack of finals, I won’t make anything pretty or working for at least a week.

I will, however, think a few thoughts about general design issues. I threw this place together without much thought, because I like to let things evolve for a while before making nice homes for them, and it has indeed evolved – more in my head than onscreen, of course. Can you folks point me to novel or successful implementations of multiple blogs within a single design-concept-navigation-scheme-you-get-the-idea?


  1. Dennis wrote:

    So tell us about the new toy. What kind is it and how much did you end up paying for it? Did you stick with online auction or did you obtain the new toy by other, more illicit means? The pictures are fantastic, by the way. And big!

  2. yami wrote:

    Olympus D-460, 1.3 megapixel, $162.50 on ebay… didn’t come with a cable, or software, but a friend of mine has the same model so that’s not a problem. I’m quite pleased. =)

  3. Rasmus wrote:

    Welcome to the world of people who has digital cameras!

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