Easiest Joke Ever

Wit changes at two-thirty in the morning. It’s just before silly o’clock, so you can’t get away with saying “hamburger” for laughs, but you can come damn close with nonsensical shots at someone’s mom. Yeah, your mom’s so fat, the World Bank recommended structural adjustments! I found your mom’s Wronskian last night!

Meanwhile, horrible meaningless War on Terrorism jokes have become just as easy. After all, if you don’t finish those fries, the terrorists will have won. This brings us to one inescapable conclusion:

Your mom fights terrorism… in my pants!



  1. des wrote:

    In British English the word “pants” is intrinsically funny. It’s currently also used to mean “rubbish” – “that’s pants, that is!”
    It opposes “tops” – “tops coffee, mate!”
    Oh, and can we have Mother’s Wronskian back, please? Sentimental value, you know…

  2. vladster wrote:

    Oh, the all-mighty Wronskian! Will you be zero, so I don’t have to go any further!
    P.S. Who’s your daddy? Jakobian’s your daddy, motherfucker.
    P.P.S. Geeks rule.

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