Someone’s Eating Well…

… and it clearly isn’t this person:

I always thought they said “Cup o’ Noodles.” But I’ve got one and it just
says “Cup Noodles.” On the plus side, it comes with hot sauce now.

Maybe you have an inferior brand. Or else the “o” is a linguistic anomaly – after all, p-n combinations like that are hard to pronounce, and I can’t think of any place where they occur in nature.

Someone else weighs in on the debate:

you’re going to Hell, Michigan.

Are you talking to me? Or are you talking to Michigan? I know the automotive industry is a sinful one, but please, let’s not be so quick to judge – I’ve heard the Upper Peninsula is almost as wholesome as Wisconsin.


  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Hell is the name of a city in southeastern Michigan.

  2. yami wrote:

    I realize… I was just being a wiseass.

  3. des wrote:

    There’s also a town called Hell in Norway, although by all accounts it’s not much more than a photo-opportunity.

  4. Tinka wrote:

    And there’s a town called Bulls in NZ – which features an antique shop called “Collect-a-Bulls”, the fire station is called “Exstinguish-a-Bulls” (sorry my spelling’s rotten), the bank is called “Value-a-Bulls”, the hairdresser’s “Fashion-a-Bulls” etc. I’ve been there. It’s real. And if that isn’t Hell..

  5. yami wrote:

    dear lord. Do they top it off with a giant statue of a bull in a prominent greensward?
    there’s a 30-foot tall concrete one of those about 4 hours away from me in Iowa… I keep meaning to take a camping weekend to see it, it’s got realistic concrete testicles and is named Albert.

  6. Tinka wrote:

    No, but the neighbouring town of .. Te Kuiti (I think the spelling’s right) they have a 6 meter tall statue of a sheep shearer. Yami, hon, you’d love it down there.

  7. Kurt wrote:

    Yes, Te Kuiti, The shearing capital of the world has a 7 metre statue of a Giant Shearer. Hows that for hell. and inside is placed time- capsules that will be removed in the future. WAITOMO is a great place to visit though the caves and gloworms are magnificent.

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