Catching Up with Someone

I’m not NP-complete, I’m Turing complete!

Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that. Incompleteness is what gives life its meaning. Good luck to you when you confront the abyss.

when in doubt, punt

Good advice, even during basketball season. I’ll keep it in mind.

odds botkins!

Just what I was about to say. Yes.

This page is all fucked up on my browser (IE); the two columns are printed
on top of each other. Just so you know.

Hmm, that’s bad. What version of IE are you talking about? It looks fine in version 6 for Windows, and 5.1 for Mac… but I know there’s a box-model bug in some versions of explorer that might cause problems. Are they completely on top of each other, or is it just a partial overlap? The sidebar is still on the right-hand side of the screen, yes?

FYI: I’ll write standards-compliant code for everyone, limited workarounds for IE 5.x, and simple fixes for anyone who cares to tell me what’s wrong, why it’s wrong and exactly what I should do about it… but otherwise you’re shit outta luck. However, this blog looks like a gleaming kitchen appliance in lynx, which runs on the crappiest of crappy systems and is already available from most *nix shell accounts.

I’m looking for a more satisfying life – where can I find it? Or just find satisfaction, at that?

I’ve always been satisfied with the food at Noodle World. Beyond that, you might find some sympathy from Mick Jagger.

*boogies down*

I can’t get no! ba-na-nyaou, na na na na na, yeah yeah yeah! no! yeah! yeah! no no!

I’d feel much less silly if my air guitar didn’t always turn into an air ukelele within the first two strums. Sheesh.

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  1. Tinka wrote:

    Girl. I say this in a most loving, caring way: you’re off your rocks, babe. A storey short of a building. A Mars-bar with no alien content. A Snickers with no extra laughs. Ukuleles f’cking *rule*, by the way. I have a song called “Rock History on a Ukulele” – one day I’ll have my own web space and upload it ‘specially for you.

  2. yami wrote:

    Your silly proletarian notions of sanity cannot touch my SUPA-GROOVE!
    *dances in her chair*
    bao-chicka-mao-mao, fling fling!

  3. Tinka wrote:

    Yo! Senda supa-groova my waya.
    *bounces in chair to sensitive NZ singer/songwriter music which kinda defeats supa-groova in its own way*
    Hmph. I need coffee.

  4. yami wrote:

    Supa-Groove embraces sensitive singer/songwriters – there’s no need for combat!
    It’s also good for dissertations. *flings a generous heap of supa-groove to Tinka in Denmark via suborbital magic missile*

  5. Tinka wrote:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. *big smile on sleepy face*
    Supa-Grooved Tinka must hit sack now (it’s 9am) but will commence to dance banana dance in 8 hours’ time. With an imagined ukulele.

  6. yami wrote:

    I’m waiting with nearly-uncontrollable excitement for the 4-frame animated gif of the event.

  7. Rasmus wrote:

    I continously find sympathy from Mick Jagger, and I can teach you Satisfaction (the song that is) in minutes. Other than that … I thought I’d add that I’m using IE 5.5 with no problems.

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