A Farewell

As you may have noticed, this blog is in a bit of a decline. Perhaps it’s an inevitable result of the growing sense of familiarity I feel with you friendly internet-people, making me lax with my posts; perhaps it’s because I’ve got other things to worry about. Regardless, it can only go on for so long. I quit. Like so many bloggers have done before.

For me, it’s been a good experience, and I hope it’s been a good ride for you guys as well. Of course, since I won’t be using the web space anymore, I’m open to suggestions for what to do with it – anyone need hosting? Obviously charity cases are preferred, though my old roommate has a stunning preliminary workup for “Florapolis: the center of the aquarium plant community”. Little seaweeds and yellow fishy stuff like that. Send me an email.

[Updated 4/2/02: Look at the date on this post. Then read the first letter of each sentence. Then try to find the other clues – there’s only two, and one is so lame it barely even counts, it’s more of a so-brief-as-to-be-rude nod to the French.]


  1. Tinka wrote:

    Oh Yami..

  2. Kat wrote:

    Gack! I’m keeping you on my sidebar for a while yet, just in case you decide to come back… Sigh. I’ll miss your daily weirdness, really I will.

  3. G wrote:


  4. william wrote:

    Unexpected this is. And unfortunate. Miss you I will.

  5. william wrote:

    Wait a second! I just noticed the date on this post… April fool?

  6. Rasmus wrote:

    This had better be an April’s fool … *sneer*

  7. Dennis wrote:

    No. No. No.

  8. ester wrote:

    don’t go, yami
    i hate april fools pranks.

  9. des wrote:

    I occasionally wonder what I’ll find to read when the many and varied students among my A-list must-read bloggers grow up and get lives and stuff. But I won’t be in the least bit grateful if this turns out to be the start of the process of finding out.

  10. francis s. wrote:

    Is this fooling, or is it not…?

  11. yami wrote:

    Yes, it was fooling… I’m not that surprised no one caught the crostic (read the first letter of each sentence) but I hoped someone would get the anagram. *pout*
    Next year, I’ll try to be funnier, I promise

  12. Still Life wrote:

    Cripes! You’re the only person to catch me with a 4/1 manuever like that. (At least I *think* you’re the only one…)

  13. G wrote:

    Does it worry you at all that nobody bothered to contradict “…this blog is in a bit of a decline.”?

  14. Kat wrote:

    Bah… I hadn’t even remembered it was April Fool’s day. And no one did anything good. Bleah.

  15. Tinka wrote:

    *plots revenge*
    First time in *years* I’ve fallen for an April Prank .. you little, you little.. kumquat!

  16. vladster wrote:


  17. yami wrote:

    Kat, did you read the Register’s spoof on AOL buying up blogs? I thought the “absurd corporate purchase” theme was a bit overdone this year, but this particular instance was just too precious for words. Kind of like cuddly crucified Easter bunnies.

  18. william wrote:

    Florapolis… I feel so stupid.

  19. Tinka wrote:

    “cuddly crucified Easter bunnies.”
    Got any pics? I can offer a pic of a crucified Winne the Pooh (if I can find it) in exchange.

  20. yami wrote:

    The Onion does an annual Easter kids’ page… crucified bunny, hoppity jesus.

  21. Dennis wrote:

    I hoped someone would get the anagram. *pout*
    Hee hee. Well, for what it’s worth, the basic April Fools element didn’t throw me, although I too failed to catch the crostic. Big pat on the back to you, though. You’re very clever.
    Hm. Maybe you need to trade in your current readership for a smarter (or at least more observant) crop…?

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