Someone’s Hungry

Consumer research from the void:

If you think it’s butter, but it’s not., it’s…?

Advertising would have you believe that anything you think is butter that isn’t must be some kind of margarine-esque butter substitute. Reflecting upon my actual experiences in the fridge, this does hold true in most cases – after all, the “cold rectangular block wrapped in wax paper” packaging concept is a bit limited. So if I think it’s butter and it’s not, it’s probably margarine; if I think it’s margarine and it’s not, it’s almost invariably leftovers.

If I think it’s leftovers and it’s not, well…

Gimme spinach lasagna or I’ll blow out all the candles and make earthworm
sounds ..!

Ah. Right. If I think it’s leftovers and it’s not, then it’s bait. Or something. What sounds does an earthworm make anyway?


  1. ester wrote:

    if you step on it, squish.

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