Two Barbaric Yawps

Someone breaks the heavy chains of civilized conversation:

Yiiiaarrrggghhhhh! … *sniff sniff* … YYIIAAAARRGH!!!!!

Listen, buddy, I just took a shower. If you don’t like my shampoo, you can buy my next bottle.

miss salt liqcorice much?

Actually, I’ve still got a stale package lying around… I was cleaning my room the other day and encountered it unprepared. The smell brought back many memories. So I’m set, as far as that goes. And don’t you have a dissertation to write? ;)


  1. Tinka wrote:

    Ulp. Yes. Damn your psychic powers (or ability to detect my ISP)

  2. yami wrote:

    Tee hee – you do have quite a distinctive IP address. Not that my psychic powers are insufficient, of course, not at all…

  3. ester wrote:

    uch, that stuff is vile. getting within five feet of it makes me twitch, while makes entering convenience stores a rather funny experience.

  4. des wrote:

    Nooo! Happy fishes, fun fishes; chewy, bitter, salty fishes. I yearn for lakrits, but I am far from IKEA (and further from Sweden).

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