Christ on a Pogo Stick

Find a popular toy. Make a blog-themed parody. Enjoy a burst of popularity.

I feel so dirty.


  1. G wrote:

    Dang. I say, dang. Arncha glad you blew off your math homework?

  2. yami wrote:

    Geology final! I blew off my geology final. And I’m not all that glad, seeing as how I still have to take it… though if I get any interesting new readers from the 2% of traffic that’s actually checking in on the weblog right now, I might revise that opinion.

  3. G wrote:

    Oh, never mind then. I thought it was something important. And there’s no such thing as an interesting reader, only an interested writer. (Or something.)

  4. Shannon wrote:

    Don’t you love the 1:1000 ration of visitors to comments? That’s *my* favorite part, at least. I’m going to start making up comments for all the people who visit and don’t say anything. Actually, this could be you, and not me, speaking right now.
    Or not.

  5. yami wrote:

    Well, I suppose as long as no one makes up any slobbering “first post!” flatworms…

  6. Tinka wrote:

    Make an anti-toy, then. I haven’t a clue what it’d be, but it’d scare the crowds away (if that is your intention).
    And besides, we *like* you dirty(-mouthed). Wanna gummy cola bottle?

  7. yami wrote:

    *slurps up gummy cola bottle with a flourish*
    I like a crowd, so long as it’s an interesting crowd that actually talks to me… these silent faceless people just wash all the funny search engine requests from my referral logs.
    Not that Google has bothered to index more than just the front page yet anyway. *sniff*
    People ignore me, bots ignore me, what’s left? More gummy cola?

  8. des wrote:

    Google doesn’t index you, either? I thought it was picking on me (after a whirlwind flirtation I’ve been dumped again).

  9. Tinka wrote:

    It indexes me, which I find very irritating. I’d like to disappear completely, but have no idea how.

  10. yami wrote:

    Tinka, have you tried using the robots meta tag?

  11. yami wrote:

    Hey, looks like this whole shebang was good for something, at least – Google has finally decided I’m important enough to index. Whoopee!
    Sock fetish shoelace girls dancing with a butt-naked Laura Bush. I’m’a go write an entry about porn.

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