Search Engine Envy

Graham wrote to point out a bizarre entry in his referral logs. It’s scrolled out now, so I can’t link to it, but the request was along the lines of “yami gabbro name”. (thank you, Graham, much obliged!)

Now, I know I said people have found my real name with a simple Google search… but it wasn’t that simple. Give me some credit here. Although, come to think of it, search they used would probably not occur to anyone anymore, now that I’ve lost my guestbook and all my old comments.

At any rate, the browse through someone else’s log files has brought on a huge episode of Wacky Search Envy. Tattoo flash sparrow, hummus history, and art and pendulums, all in one stretch of logs…

I hate having to rebuild my Googliciousness from scratch; it’s still only indexed about 10% of the archives. *sigh*

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    […] to respond to our dinner invitation, nude or not. Speaking of googlebots, I fulfilled my case of search engine envy with a hit for “hummus history” yesterday – not to mention a string of things like […]


  1. Mishka wrote:

    Mishka rules !

  2. Boris wrote:

    Boris rules !

  3. yami wrote:

    Oh, shit, my web site has been taken over by the underground remnants of the KGB!

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