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two hairs from my headThe hairs in the picture to the left are both from my head. If you are clever, and not half-blind, you will note that one is – dare I say it? – much grayer than the other.

I actually think gray hair looks quite elegant. And when you’re tired of looking elegant, it shows off bright green dye better than brown hair does. So, I consider this one hair down, 99,999 to go.


  1. Tinka wrote:

    I knew you’d have to join the club of darkhaired women with grey hair sooner or later.

  2. Kat wrote:

    I agree with you… I don’t dread graying at all. Middle-age spread and wrinkles, now…

  3. yami wrote:

    Middle-age spread and wrinkles, that’ll just make me look like a plump adorable grandma. But I dread nothing quite so badly as I dread liver spots… except maybe stepping on snails with bare feet.

  4. Dennis wrote:

    Re: the wrinkles. Now you’ve got Botox. Oh, yay. ;-P

  5. G wrote:

    I started going gray when I was about your age (hang on a second, excuse me: YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN! ok, sorry, back now.) The most annoying part is that the texture changes and it gets all coarse. I clean copper-bottom pots with my scalp now.

  6. Tinka wrote:

    I’m with you G-man. I started going gray when I was 16. I’m probably around 10 per cent gray-haired now and those damn coarse hairs ..

  7. yami wrote:

    Oooh, I didn’t need to know that… you’re ruining all my fun! My one hair wasn’t all that coarse, though, and my great-grandmother had fabulous soft gray hair… *crosses fingers*

  8. Tinka wrote:

    My *mother* doesn’t have one single gr

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