I spent the afternoon tie-dying in the sun, and now the back of my neck is raw. Pink, too, according to expert testimony, though I haven’t looked myself.

But I can’t be too sad when tomorrow will be like Christmas, with the unwrapping of beautiful new* t-shirts and underwear. Whee!

*well, most of ’em aren’t really new, they’re old white shirts with a spatter of cola-stains I had to hide somehow.


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    Any chance of us seeing it too?

  2. yami wrote:

    Probably, but I’ll sneakily not include pictures of the ones that turned out poorly. So there!

  3. grid wrote:

    If you’re going to post pictures of the tie-dyed underwear, will you model it for us too?

  4. grid wrote:

    sorry, I was distracted by the “Comments on Someone’s a Seaman” below.

  5. yami wrote:

    You’d rudder be flying so you can see me in my underwear? Buh?

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