Someone Has a Crush On Me

Hmm. I’ve just gotten one of those “someone has a crush on you, but we won’t tell you who until you send lots of annoying emails to all your friends!” messages. To which I say: you lie! If someone really had a crush on me, they would have used this button to tell me about it:

Ahem. I mean, that’s great, I’m really flattered.


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    Oh my! What a neat idea – donating oral sex. Tell me, why haven’t I noticed that button here before?

  2. yami wrote:

    It’s been hiding on the credits/shameless begging page.

  3. grid wrote:

    I got one of those emails about a year ago, and I thought it was you!!! crazy. How long ago was it, because I did enter a few emails, guessing really… It’s got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever gotten, because nothing ever came of it.
    I have to admit though, my heart was racing for a few minutes after getting that message…

  4. FCSuper wrote:

    That button is shamelessly displayed on my site in my menu. lol So far, the donations come in once in awhile.

  5. Chrissy wrote:

    I think this web siteis kool

  6. bayley wrote:

    i dont no who has a crush on me do u?

  7. fcsuper wrote:

    It’s too bad that button doesn’t work anymore.

  8. gabi wrote:

    you guys are disgusting and dirty minded. you need to go to church and get sprayed with holy water to rid of your sins.

  9. rachelle wrote:

    i really want to know who has a crush on me

  10. diamond wrote:

    does someone has a cruch on me because i dont know who

  11. JESSICA wrote:


  12. jasmine wrote:

    I really want to know who likes me

  13. Cole Jewell wrote:

    I know who likes me! She kisses me every time she sees me

  14. Cole Jewell wrote:

    the person who likes me is Gracey Howell

  15. joy wrote:

    i think this guy likes me and i like him so i really need to know.

  16. breeanne wrote:

    someone said they have a crush on me when i was on my trying to get a good picture for my myspace i dont know who the person said it.

  17. jena wrote:

    this guy has crush on me and he asked me out and i said no. BUT he is cute and his name is jack and there is this other dude who is cute too what do i do?

  18. Samntha wrote:

    I think this guy like sme i dont know

  19. briana wrote:

    i like this boy named christain but before we got out of skool for christmas. we kissed and then we broke up. i think i have feelings for him still. does he still like me ? and he has a gurl friend but i don’t think it iz going well went them two so they r about to break up.

  20. briana wrote:

    christain iz my crush we kissed 2 times and then we broke up and then.he and my best friend caria and him go out bu tthey r about to break up. and tah kiss reallly ment somthing to me. does he have feelings for me still?

  21. romeo wrote:

    i love you

  22. naomi wrote:


  23. charelle wrote:

    i wonder if this guy really does like me he so cute…???

  24. nidia diaz wrote:

    ok.iluv jovon lewis do you whant to go out?

  25. christine wrote:

    hi there can u please tell me who has a crush on me me from sudbury ont

  26. christine wrote:

    come on u know who u are i just want to know has a crush on me from sudbury ont and pleasewrite down your name because it is really bugging me not knowing who really likes me i want to know right now
    so u better tell me ok ….
    so i wont be racking my brain to who has a crush on me u better tell me right now!!!!!!ok i will be waiting for your reponces back
    have a great day ……

  27. katrina wrote:

    Okay so i just got a loce letter from a guy named bob. It said ‘i will love you till days dawn.
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. man man wrote:

    Do you have a crush on
    Me tell me if you do

  29. Alyssa wrote:

    i love you so much vincent mendez

  30. stephen wrote:

    man this pretty girl has a huge crush on me man i like her a lot to but how to get a girlfriend is easy you just got to say sweet words to a gir to get a girlfriend if you dont that meens you are chicken baaaak bak bbaak

  31. stephen wrote:

    and she she hugged me 200 times at school man shes sweet

  32. stephen wrote:

    what the fuck
    where am i

  33. stephen wrote:

    i gotta get out of here

  34. DEANNA wrote:


  35. leigh perry wrote:

    dont reley go uot whith someone you never now they mit be playing whith you

  36. someone wrote:

    a guy at my school hugged me

  37. someone wrote:

    the guy who hugged me is named seth and he is soo cute

  38. someone wrote:

    does he like me because when he hugged me it was for no reason and he smiles at me

  39. Katani wrote:

    Wow! There’s this guy. he said he likes me a little. And i like him too. But i just broke up with someone and i still like that person and i think he does too. HELP ME!

  40. Janna wrote:

    I hav the BIGGEST crush on cole sprouse, he is moi age and he is moi perfect match sooo no one can take him frm moi u got it cole lovaz!

  41. Janna wrote:

    Wait a minute i hav a boyfriend, wat should i DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. carly wrote:

    i like eligh and i dont now if he likes me

  43. ERIKA wrote:

    hey i like lotzz
    of guys jajaja well…
    i like enrique they
    tell me that he
    likes me but idk
    he stares at me
    but he has a
    girlfriend…..?so does
    he like me or
    not like idk does he???

  44. max kobrin wrote:

    who has a crush on me

  45. Cole jewell wrote:

    Well now Gracey and I are married

  46. Trevor D. wrote:

    There is this girl that is really hot and I am almost sure that she likes me but I’m not completely sure and every time I want to ask her out she is with a lot of people and I don’t because I don’t want to be burned in front of a lot of people so I’ll just vent my feelings… I LOVE YOU BAYLEY M AND I REALLY DO MEAN LOVE!!!

  47. julie wyckoff wrote:

    some one said they had a secret crush on me who is it

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