Ho Hum

My profundity seems to be on a weekly cycle; something about that gigantic math set due on Fridays, I imagine, but there are possibly deeper psychologistical reasons.

For my birthday (Monday! expect me to post while not-quite-sloshingly drunk – I may be turning 21 but I still have midterms next week), I have requested, from my erstwhile linux-jockey manservant, a computer that works again. It’s almost there – I’m at my desk right now – but the sound card isn’t carding. Which is a shame, since what I have is meant to be an expensive purple* web browser, email checker and mp3 jukebox. Once the sound will play more than short bleeps, I intend to establish a streaming mp3 spy-server, so you can enjoy my sophisticated musical tastes while I’m in my room, and scrape the bottom of the “bad Danish rap, yodeling, and homework read aloud by a shoddy speech synth” directory when I’m not.

Meanwhile, go join the Naked Jugglers’ Association.

*It’s not an imac, I just spraypainted the case.

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