Philosophical Questions

Someone’s lost:

There must be some way out of here …

Sure, but it’ll take many lifetimes. But why would you want to leave, anyway? It’s so warm and cozy here!

i want to know what love is

The one thing I’ve noticed is that people who run around telling other people what love is and is not, are usually trying to get them to adopt certain sexual habits. If I ever want to change your sexual habits, gentle reader, you can rest assured that I’ll use good old-fashioned alcohol rather than wheedle around with this “if you really loved me, you’d put on a diaper and wrap me in bacon” crap. So instead, I asked google.


  1. peter wrote:

    why not consult the comic strip?

  2. yami wrote:

    That’s like asking the Family Circus how to tame a lion!

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