Staring Out the Window Again

As summer comes on, I think the mountains turn into transvestites. This week, Mount Wilson has been experimenting with a hazy smear of foundation, enough to conceal his jagged wrinkles but not quite enough to hide the sharp outlines at his peak. Soon enough, he’ll blanket himself in flesh-toned smog, presenting us lowly residents of the foothills with a soft and feminine skyline.

There are more pictures in the photoblog, and there’s a new loop on gabbro radio, all about fruit and right wing politicians.


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    Who says the poor thing is not a lady? Maybe it Martha Wilson or even Jennifer Wilson …

  2. yami wrote:

    Nah, it’s got spiky antennas pointing out of it. Clearly stubble.

  3. Rasmus wrote:

    She could have a simple mustache problem!

  4. yami wrote:

    Girl-moustaches are soft, not spiky. I should know, I’ve got one.

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