Someone Wants Naked Sorority Frolicking

Someone can’t wait for the next edition of the internets’s favorite skvallerbladet:

Half-naked coed body-painting! Underwear sorority frolics! Enquiring
googlebots need to know!

While most of the men in this dorm (and several of the hot drunk bi girls as well) are madly in love with the Crown Princess Victoria (swedish bikini), she has yet to respond to our dinner invitation, nude or not. Speaking of googlebots, I fulfilled my case of search engine envy with a hit for “hummus history” yesterday – not to mention a string of things like “penis enlarge hack,” “rhymes with green,” “physics of a pogo stick” and, disturbingly, “Tinka pee site.” Putting my entry titles into the titles of the individual archive pages seems to have paid off in a flood of Googliciousness.

Meanwhile, there are more important things at stake:

Which wire should I cut? The red one or the blue one?

Well, red wires tend to connect to the power supply. Cut the one that isn’t the only thing keeping you from plummeting to certain death as you dangle over a pit of pointy sticks.


  1. Tinka wrote:

    That’s what I get for using the same nom de plume as a infamous “webcam” mistress.

  2. francis s. wrote:

    Uh, I’d pick Prince Carl Philip in a speedo over Victoria in a bikini any day…

  3. yami wrote:

    You have your choices, I have mine. And this entry was targeted to heterosexual porn-searchers from the very beginning anyway

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