Let me get this straight: they have airtime on ESPN to show the National Spelling Bee, but World Cup soccer (when they show it at all – I’ve been watching half the games in Spanish) is relegated to ESPN2?

Dancing death muffins.

In other news, I’m hodge-podgedly working on a new design which features more whitespace and, yes, a rotating tagline. “A spongiform advice column for the perpetually distracted,” “the weblog equivalent of an out-of-body experience,” “squishy brain slugs singing lullabies,” and everyone’s favorite, “juxtaposition as a form of self-actualizing bricolage” comprise the current list. So, what I need to know is, have you said something clever about this blog/blogs in general that I’m forgetting? Have I ever said anything clever?


  1. Kat wrote:

    Hey, you better believe the Spelling Bee is a match to the death… however, I think they should air both the Bee and World Cup soccer… and take off the billiards competitions and dog shows.

  2. Kat wrote:

    Oh, and no, you’ve never said anything clever; we’re all just really easily amused.

  3. yami wrote:

    I’ll go with you on the dog shows (isn’t what Animal Planet is for?) but billiards competitions… hey, they’re just as boring as golf.
    I’m waiting for the debut of theme-ESPNs myself – the distribution of sports between ESPN and ESPN2 is just too arbitrary. If they had “We Think We’re In Europe” ESPN for soccer, formula 1 racing and maybe cricket, or “Sports That Don’t Break A Sweat” ESPN for billiards, golf,spelling bees, bowling, etc… and so on and so forth, then I think satellite television would be way more entertaining.

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