rock and roll

Y’know, I was thinking about whether I had anything to say about rocks on this here nominally rock-themed blog… and noticed that as an urban dude I have basically no interaction with rocks in my life. Just asphalt. Outside of pebbles, tame decorative rocks, and retail geodes, crystals and polished minerals, I mostly don’t even see any.

Then there’s Zorb: human hamster ball as extreme sport.


  1. alison wrote:

    i have to say… i’m new to this blog (discovered it through kat) and so I’ve never read any of the old rock-related posts, but i am a nut about rocks. When I visit my relatives in Washington D.C. I like to look at the rocks at the Natural History Museum even when my family grows impatient with me. Even so I don’t know as much about rocks as I wish I did.

  2. Zed wrote:

    I can’t recall having seen any actual discussion of rocks here, hence my use of ‘nominally rock-themed.’
    (There once was a pedant named Zed…)

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