Dear Business person , We know you are interested in
receiving cutting-edge news . This is a one time mailing
there is no need to request removal if you won’t want
any more . This mail is being sent in compliance with
Senate bill 2516 ; Title 4 ; Section 304 . This is
NOT unsolicited bulk mail ! Why work for somebody else
when you can become rich within 18 weeks ! Have you
ever noticed people are much more likely to BUY with
a credit card than cash and more people than ever are
surfing the web . Well, now is your chance to capitalize
on this ! WE will help YOU decrease perceived waiting
time by 200% and turn your business into an E-BUSINESS
! The best thing about our system is that it is absolutely
risk free for you ! But don’t believe us . Mr Ames
of Massachusetts tried us and says “My only problem
now is where to park all my cars” ! We are licensed
to operate in all states ! We beseech you – act now
. Sign up a friend and your friend will be rich too
! Thank-you for your serious consideration of our offer

Spam Mimic: text to spam steganography.


  1. des wrote:

    Kinda sorta cute, but you would need to stenographise _encrypted_ text, and even then exchanging spam between associates would seem odd. Current Usenet spam often adds random junk at the end to fool checksum-based cancel-bots – that’s a promising stenographic channel.
    Sorry to seem humourless, but the UK government has lately taken it upon itself to outlaw privacy (in a move expected to have bugger-all effect on terrorism).

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