PE Class Revolution

Though I’ve only played Dance Dance Revolution a few times, I really enjoyed it. It felt like I’d finally discovered what I’d been training for during all those years of step aerobics classes.

Now, a SoCal school is letting kids play in PE class. Lucky bastards.

(But, frankly, it wouldn’t have helped me then. I was long out of high school before I learned rhythm and coordination.)


  1. grid wrote:

    My friend Jason: Doesn’t own a game system. Hardly ever plays video games. (and when he does, it’s always at my place.) Goes to the mall, sees dance dance revolution (and probably some cute guys playing it) and immediately (the next day) IM’s me about getting a playstation and gamepads. A week later, he owns a PS2, two dance pads, and two versions of the game. We play at his place, and try not to step on his kittens.

  2. qball wrote:

    Of course, here at Caltech, we can count time playing Dance Dance Revolution for the individually paced PE class…

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